The Hour of Desolation

Image of The Hour of Desolation


Debut album from KY death metal madmen Aeons of Eclipse!

Review Quotes:

"The Kentucky based death metallers deliver an all out aggressive assault full of bestial vocals, mind blowing drumming and shredding guitars that will knock you down with its unmatched brutality!"
Yiannis D. - Metal Temple

"...When the growling and mangling sets in...Oh boy, let me tell you I almost get goose bumps!"
Kristoffer - My Last Chapter

" Aeons of Eclipse hit you so hard that, as a fan of metal, you can't help but step back and be impressed."
Steve Nall - ME Music News

"Kentucky’s Aeons Of Eclipse is a full-fledged professional release inclusive of apropos artwork, brilliant production, and most importantly musicianship to rival Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Brutality and Hate Eternal."
The Metallian

"50 minutes that is going to take over your fucking soul, flesh, bones and fuck knows what else! (in reference the album "The Hour of Desolation")"
Waldemar - Bestial Sickness